Christmas Gift Guide – for Him

christmas-gift-ideas-for-himDid you enjoy the last gift guide? Well, now it’s time for the ‘Him’ edition.

Ola here, and as the holiday season unfolds its warmth, let’s focus on the remarkable men in our lives. Gift-giving takes centre stage, and I’ve gathered a selection of unique Irish treasures designed with them in mind.

Join me on this exploration through a world of handcrafted wonders, each item celebrating the essence of Irish craftsmanship and heritage. From thoughtful pieces by local creators to specially curated finds, these gifts aren’t just presents; they’re tales waiting to be shared. Ready to embark on this festive journey together?



Stories by Ola – Sandstone Tumbler

sandstone-tumblerHand-built from sandy stoneware slabs, this magnetic tumbler in glossy green-turquoise glaze is a sensation. Crafted in Ardgillan, it boasts thick walls for ideal drink temperatures and a snug thumb dent for an unmatched feel in your hand. Experience its magic with every sip of your hot whiskey or mulled cider.










Cheese Box from Burren Smokehouse and Cheese Pairing Box from Follain

Elevate his love for exquisite tastes with an artisan cheese box from Burren Smokehouse, including some of the best cheeses Ireland offers. Complement it with Follain’s tantalizing mix of relishes, chutneys, and jams in their Cheese pairing Box – curated to complement every cheese board, each box arrives with a cheese pairing menu, suggesting an ideal Irish farmhouse cheese to accompany each delectable preserve. It’s a delightful journey through flavours, carefully tailored for the connoisseur in him.


Home Cufflinks by Sine Vasquez

sine-vasquez-cufflinksFor a touch of Irish heritage, consider sterling silver cufflinks from Sine Vasquez’s ‘Home’ collection. Inspired by Ireland’s Georgian houses, these cufflinks delve into the rich history etched into the doorways of these iconic structures. Handcrafted in Dublin, each cufflink mirrors the traditional Georgian door, intertwining contemporary design with the stories of privilege, poverty, courage, and community held within these walls.






Burren Perfumery Fragrance – Winter Woods

Indulge his senses with the essence of Winter Woods, a fragrance inspired by the hidden woodlands of the Burren. Crafted with aromatic herbal notes, this eau de toilette is a sophisticated blend capturing the freshness of Rosemary, Bergamot, and Lemon, evolving into subtle Iris and Lavender, culminating in a woody embrace of Cedar, Pine, and Vetiver. Handcrafted with natural and organic ingredients, every bottle encapsulates the quiet masculinity of nature’s essence, meticulously made in the heart of the Burren.










The Cooper Watch by RusTech Wood

A timeless treasure for the Irish Whiskey enthusiast. Crafted from authentic Irish Whiskey Cask wood in the heart of Galway, each watch, aptly named ‘The Cooper,’ pays homage to Ireland’s skilled coopers. This premium Men’s Irish Whiskey Cask Watch, adorned with its unique identifying number akin to fine Irish Whiskey bottles, boasts Swiss movement for precision. You can engrave your Cooper for a personalized touch.




CarveOn’s RFID wallet

Crafted from premium full-grain leather, this RFID-protected wallet offers security and style. Handmade in Ireland, it features a separate ID compartment, space for cash, and a card pocket for documents. Enjoy complimentary engraving and elegant packaging. CarveOn, a journey from a humble shed to a vibrant workshop in Co. Kildare, celebrates craftsmanship and innovation.





Stripy Hat by Mad Jessie

Introducing a unique creation: MJ’s specially designed hat, knitted by Caroline in Waterford. Soft, sturdy, light, and incredibly warm! This hat carries a powerful message. Inspired by the changing seas, each stripe represents a decade of rising sea levels, vividly illustrating 80 years of change to scale (25cm!). Crafted from leftover wool, this no-waste hat embodies a lifetime’s narrative, depicting real data on global rising sea levels. This handmade hat merges art and awareness, reflecting a visual tale of our changing environment.






The Sea Gypsy by Sea People

Embrace the true Sea Gypsy in you with Sea People’s Shibori-dyed sweatshirt, individually tie-dyed by hand using non-toxic indigo dyes for a planet-friendly touch. Crafted from 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester, this sweatshirt is perfect for surfing, paddleboarding, or beachside chilling all year round. Sea People invites a community of spirited souls who find solace and freedom by the sea. It’s about savouring the taste of salty water, the exhilaration of frosty morning dips, and that post-swim glow accompanied by the first sip of coffee. Join us at the SEA tomorrow for another adventure.





From the handmade ceramics that bring the sea’s tranquillity to your home, to the meticulously crafted woodwork that whispers tales of tradition, each creation encapsulates a story waiting to be shared. Whether it’s the thoughtful details in a watch, the cosy warmth of a hat, or the eco-friendly charm of tie-dyed sweatshirts, these gifts are more than mere objects – they’re reflections of Ireland’s artistry and spirit. Remember, supporting local artisans like these isn’t just about the item itself; it’s about honouring craftsmanship, celebrating the artistry of our communities, and sharing a piece of Ireland’s heart.

Happy gifting!

Stories by Ola
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