My Ceramics Workshops are all about getting your hands into the clay and letting your creativity run wild! Over the course of two engaging classes, we’ll embark on a journey to discover the wonderful world of ceramics.

Class 1: Playing with Clay
In this hands-on session, we’ll dive into the essentials of ceramics. No prior experience? No problem! I’ll guide you through the basics of working with clay, from understanding its textures to mastering simple hand-building techniques. Whether you’re dreaming of crafting a charming bowl, a cosy mug, or a delicate jewellery dish, the choice is yours.

Feel the clay between your fingers as you pinch, coil, and shape your masterpiece. We’ll be using either earthenware or stoneware clay, tailored to the project you’re most excited about. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about your project just yet – we’ll decide together during the class. After all, spontaneity often leads to the most delightful surprises!

Class 2: The Art of Decorating and Glazing
In our second gathering, we’ll explore the captivating realm of ceramic decoration. From intricate designs to minimalist elegance, there’s a decorating style that speaks to everyone. I’ll walk you through various techniques, helping you understand how to add texture, patterns, and personal flair to your creations.

Then comes the exciting part – glazing! You’ll learn how to apply suitable glazes that will bring out the true beauty of your handiwork. Each brushstroke adds character, and each colour choice tells a unique story. Whether you’re drawn to vibrant hues or soothing earth tones, you’ll have the chance to express yourself through your art.

Experimentation and Exploration
One of the wonderful things about this workshop is the freedom to experiment. You don’t need to decide on a project beforehand. In fact, I encourage you to let your curiosity guide you. As we progress, you might find yourself inspired to try different hand-building techniques or explore diverse glazing approaches. This is your opportunity to let your imagination take the lead.

And while you’re crafting and experimenting, know that your creations are in safe hands. In between classes, I’ll carefully fire your pieces in my kiln, ensuring that your artworks reach their full potential.

Remember, no matter your skill level or prior experience, this workshop is designed to be a relaxed and enjoyable space for you to uncover the joy of working with clay. So, whether you’re coming with a friend or joining a small group, get ready to immerse yourself in the art of ceramics and take home your very own handmade treasures!

Workshops based at my Kitchen Studio in Ardgillan Castle, Balbriggan.

Price 135€ per person – materials and firing included.

Please note that a minimum of two participants is required for the workshop.

Vouchers can be purchased here.


Testimonial from Sarah:

“Myself and my mother recently did a pottery workshop with Ola. Absolutely loved every minute of it, Olas really helpful and we learnt so much. She really let us take our time, do our own thing and get creative. Can’t wait to return in a couple of weeks to glaze out pieces!”

Testimonial from Eva:

I’d seen the seaside inspired ceramics creations around Ardgillan and Facebook and farmers markets before the day I needed an novel way to celebrate an 18th anniversary. Porcelain the traditional gift appeared on google results and I thought about making our very own dishes.

Then I discovered Ola does a couples classes, and for a very reasonable rate I could cover a gift, unique way to spend time together and bring home new dishes.

The setting is historic, and in a quiet corner of the castle, listen to jazz and relax into a new craft. Discover all the complexities of clay and glaze.

Try to build a tall bowl out of a lump of earth. Or, roll it out to cut out shapes for building the perfect mug. Bend the handle and curve to fit the way your hand holds it.
Get playful to try techniques in dipping glazes, slathering it, or making moon cratered effects.
Ola knows it all and tries to impart as much knowledge with encouragement to experiment and be creative.
I take a sip out of my pink flecked coffee mug, the specks match the froth. I think about what I’m grateful for and all the good times.
Make time to do something new for you too!”

Kids Parties

Kids plates workshop

I recently started to offer “Paint a Plate” parties for kids.

It’s min 4 and max 5-6 kids and it last 2 hours. Kids can choose a plate, round or hex and they have fun with glazing. Once glazed, I’m firing plates and they can be collected in a week or two. I’m using stoneware bisque and non-toxic glazes, so all fired items are food safe.

Price 25€ per person – materials and firing included.

If this is something your kid would enjoy with their friends and you’re in a locality, please contact me for details.

Testimonial from Shivaun:

“Inspired by watching The Great Pottery Throwdown on TV, my daughter wanted an arts and crafts party for her twelfth birthday last month. Living in Skerries, we asked Ola if she could host a pottery party in her studio. From the very first contact to the day itself, Ola was positive and welcoming and very easy to deal with.

Finding the balloons on a tree outside the pottery studio, the children were greeted by Ola and brought into the studio to learn about the activity she had planned. She suggested coming back in 90 minutes. We returned to find busy smiling chatty children and they told us they needed a little more time to work on their plates.  Always a good sign for a workshop and a lovely atmosphere created.

After 2 hours, their works of art were complete and delighted with themselves, we said thanks and goodbye to Ola. We received the plates a week later and were really impressed at the designs and finish of each piece.

I would highly recommend a pottery party with Ola and know that my daughter and her friends would too. A lovely way to spend an afternoon and there is the satisfaction of each of the guests receiving a finished keepsake to mark the birthday or special occasion.”

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